Hi! I'm Karen and I make art.


Everything here is subject to change at a moment's notice

✧Please read, understand and agree to all the below terms before entering into an agreement for a commission. No exceptions.

✧Please be mindful of my style and my specialty. If you ask for a different style or something I'm not used to drawing, I may take longer or charge additional fees.

✧ Only MINOR changes/revisions will be accepted after the sketching process. Drastic or frequent changes to the artwork after colouring will not be entertained.

✧I have a right to refuse commission requests.


✧ By sending payment, the Client agrees to all the terms of service.

✧ Displayed base prices are subject to change according to the complexity, difficulty, size and medium of each individual piece.

✧Please wait for the approval of your commission before sending me money.

✧ A down payment (half the price) is expected after the sketch is completed. The rest of the payment is to be paid anytime before the commission is completed.

✧ The Client will not receive the commission until final payments are made.

✧Please check the latest commission post on my online profiles for payment methods.

✧Payment will be in USD for international clients or MYR for Malaysian clients.

✧No refunds once the sketch has been started.

✧ A full refund will be given if I decide to stop the commission at any stage after the sketch has been completed.

✧ Please provide good, clear VISUAL references and/or concise TEXTUAL evidence of the commission subject(s).

✧ For Digital Commissions, a watermarked and unwatermarked version of the commission will be sent. The unwatermarked version is for personal use only such as profile pictures. I must be credited with the watermarked version for any posts on the Clients' online profiles etc.

✧ For Traditional Commissions, the original, physical piece will be shipped to the Clients. Posting said artwork on online profiles etc. must be credited with one or more of my online art profiles.

✧Please do not rush the commission. Expected turnover rate depends on the complexity of the piece and external factors influencing my life.

✧I will try my best to finish commissions as fast as I can. Regular updates will be given to Clients on messaging platforms of their choice.

✧For time sensitive work such as birthday gifts, please inform me of the intended date and priority may be placed upon said commission.

✧ Commission pieces are for PERSONAL use only. No COMMERCIAL use of my art is allowed.

✧I retain ALL the rights to the commissioned artwork such as making prints, stickers, keychains and other merchandise.

✧ I retain the right to display all commissioned works online and in real life.

✧If the commission is of an Original Character, the Client retains all right to the CHARACTER but NOT the artwork itself.

✧Do not trace/retouch/edit/redraw the art without permission.

Thank you for reading till the end! If you have read all the terms and wish to purchase a commission, please fill out the Commission Form on the Home page.